You may be overlooking your company’s best salesperson

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Question: Who is the best salesperson at your company? Hint: They are always exactly where your customers are. They present a perfectly crafted message every time that is perfectly in line with the way your customers think and feel. They are available to answer your customer’s questions 24/7. They can tell great stories that are engaging and informative.

3 companies that are doing content marketing right

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Content marketing takes an investment in time and resources, but any company can and should start using it right away. These are all outcomes any business should strive to achieve and the following three examples are currently demonstrating success at utilizing content marketing to its fullest potential.

6 steps to creating a successful logo design

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A good logo can help customers easily identify a brand and associate a product with a brand's identity. A good logo can be the basis for an entire corporate identity package, helping to unify 
a company's collateral, packaging, advertising and web presence. A good logo is crucial to the success of a company. The following are important steps to take when developing a new logo for 
a client.

How to design a more effective training manual

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I often receive inquiries from trainers and educators who have a great deal of content they would like to deliver, but need direction on how to organize and display their content into a more effective training manual to compliment their instruction. The following process can be applied to any sort of classroom or online training that requires a training manual.