WordPress websites built for small business marketing

WordPress websites can be great marketing tools, but not all are built the same. APX Design creates WordPress websites based on tried and true inbound marketing and SEO strategies to ensure you will have everything you need to finally see real results with your online marketing. Increase traffic, generate more leads, and grow your brand.

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See the Possibilities

Website strategy, tools, and training for success

Not just another website, but a full suite of marketing tools, plus the strategy and training you need to give you the edge against your competitors.

Most web design companies will create your website and then leave you to figure out on your own what to do with it. APX Design not only builds your website, but gives you the strategy, tools, and training to make your marketing a success. Utilize the training and tools to carry out your daily marketing activities or continue working with APX Design partner consultants to implement them for you while you spend your time running your business.

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100% customizable. 100% yours.

APX Design websites are built on WordPress which, unlike Wix, Squarespace or other DIY website software is completely customizable to your exact specifications. You can get started quickly with prebuilt templates, or have a design crafted specifically for your unique brand.

Plus, unlike Wix or Squarespace, your website can be hosted anywhere, meaning you own the files should you choose to take your website elsewhere. Don’t have a web host? No problem, just sign up for managed hosting and website care plan options.

Professionally designed websites, plus all the tools and training you need to make your online marketing a success.

Build Credibility

Customized design and content to establish your unique brand that speaks directly to your target audience.

Expand your marketing reach

Create search engine optimized content such as blog posts or property listings that show in search results.

Establish Authority

Blogging platform that allows you to position yourself as an authority in your industry through developing unique and valuable educational content that generates inbound traffic from qualified leads.

Generate Leads

Customizable web forms to collect info from leads, plus CRM integration.

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Some of the businesses that have trusted APX Design to help them succeed.

“…the way my website was set up – it’s like having a marketing coach there at all times to help guide me through everything. Not only does our website look great, but we have also seen a huge increase in traffic and leads since we started.”